You know when you’re watching that television show and that really good song comes on and you think to yourself, hey, I’m going to buy that song but then you realize you have no idea what the name of the song was?

Well now there’s this neat new web site called Tune Find that changes all that.

It has a super easy user interface. You don’t have to join to browse or buy.

Tune find web page

In the search button I typed in one of my favourite shows “Breaking Bad”.  Five seasons came up.


I choose season 1


I picked episode 5.  All of the songs came up.  It tells you where the song played within the context of the show.  Click on little arrow which launches you into a preview of the song so you can hear it, and choices you can purchase it online such as Amazon and iTunes.


Very cool.  Worth exploring.

Tune find web page

Click here to check out the web site

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